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Municipalities that are located in this region are: Cista Provo, Imotski, Lokvičići, Lovreč, Podbablje, Proložac, Runovići, Zagvozd, Zmijavci, Zadvarje and Šestanovac.

Imotski belongs to the Biokovo hinterland or continental hinterland of the mountain Biokovo.

It is a predominantly rural area, which is known for fertile Imotsko field along which flows the river Vrljika. Thanks to its position, this field offers excellent conditions for agriculture.

Particularity of Imotski region is in their tradition and culture, and they are famous for their Ganga. Ganga is the traditional singing which is performed in a way that a singer pronounces the lyrics, and the others follow him by imitating the sound of the gusle.
Modro jezero, Izvor: TZ Imotski

Vrljika river flows through the fertile field of Imotski, but the special natural sights which are a symbol of this region are Blue and rRed lake.

Blue Lake was named after the extremely blue color of water. It is a favorite promenade and bathing area in Imotski which in autumn dries up so that at its bottom is traditionally played football.

Red Lake is actually a karst cave and because of its depth, which is 287 meters it ranks among deepest lakes in Europe. Name Red Lake was given after the red rocks that are on the edge of the lake.

Modro jezero, Izvor: TZ Imotski
Crveno jezero, Izvor: TZ Imotski

Topana Fortress was built in the 10th century and throughout history has had important strategic significance. Today it is a favorite lookout point, and in the summer it organizes various cultural events.

Basilica Zmijavci ranks among the most valuable early Christian remains in the entire area of Imotski region. It originates from the 5 to 6 century.

Stećci are medieval tombstones with carved scenes from everyday life. The largest group of stećci in Croatia are located in place Crljivica near Cista Velika.

"Topana Fortress is a favorite lookout point in Imotski region."

Actors in Zagvozd is well known manifestation held since 1998.

This summer festival organizes various theatrical performances from all over the Croatia and musical evenings.


Cheese from Studenci is the most famous cheese of the Dalmatian hinterland. It is made from full fat cow's milk from the mountain part of Imotski region.

Imotski cake is a traditional Croatian type of almond cake that is prepared in the broader area of Imotski region.

A variety of wine that are become domesticated in Imotski is certainly Kujundžuša. It gives the wine distinct minerality and freshness which is characteristic for the area of Dalmatian hinterland and stone.

Except Kujundžuša, from white grape varieties are grown Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pošip, Pinot Gris and žilavka.

Among the red varieties are the most widespread native varieties of Trnjak and Vranac

"Kujundžuša is the variety that gives a quality dry white wine and which occupies the highest percentage on all wine-growing areas in Imotski."
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