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This region includes the municipalities of Skradin, Drinovci, Bilice, Zaton and Lozovac. Skradin is a city in Croatia situated 18 km north of Šibenik, on the right coast of the river Krka.

Zaton is a typical Dalmatian village located in the northwestern part of the Šibenik bay, 10 km from Šibenik. Surrounded by hills and situated on the edge of the bay in the canal which connects Prokljan Lake with Šibenik bay.

Lozovac is a village located 8 kilometers northeast of Šibenik, on the road Šibenik-Skradin. Near Lozovac is Skradinski buk. This region is predominantly rural.

Regija Krka

Krka is the seventh national park in Croatia, known for its many lakes and waterfalls. It was named after the river Krka that it encloses. National Park is located in central Dalmatia just a few kilometers northeast of the town of Šibenik. It covers an area along the river Krka which springs at the foot of the mountain Dinara near Knin, flows through a canyon 75 km long, flows through Prokljan lake and flows into the Bay of Šibenik. Krka river now has 7 waterfalls and its beauty is a natural phenomenon. It was proclaimed a national park on January 24 1985.

Visovac is an island in the same lake in the area of national park Krka, and from Drniš is 10 minutes driving a car.

Roški waterfall is the sixth, penultimate waterfall on the Krka river. It is located in the Krka National Park. Because of its beauty, along with other waterfalls on the river Krka, it is one of the most famous natural beauty of Croatia. It got the name by the fortress Rog, of which today there are not many clues.

Skradinski Buk is the last, seventh and longest travertine barrier on the Krka River, one of the most famous Croatian natural beauties.

Prukljan lake (or Prokljan Lake) is a lake in Croatia, part of the national park. 

 Izvor: TZ Šibenik
Lozovac,  Izvor: TZ Šibenik

On the island Visovac is a church from the 17th century and Franciscan monastery. The monastery keeps a valuable collection of books, art and other important documents.

Skradin is a romantic Mediterranean town with narrow streets. The whole town is a protected monument. It contains houses dating from the 18th and 19th centuries and they are build under Venece influence.

The Church of St. Nicholas was built in the field Prahulje. The church is circular with three semicircular and with one rectangular niches, and with a dome over the center. This is the only example of early Romanesque architecture of such form in Dalmatia, and the legend says that the crowned kings from Nin were presented to the local people in front of this church.


Regija Krka
Sv. Nikola, Izvor: TZ Zadar

Meeting of Dalmatian harmony-singing Skradin is one of the oldest and most famous vocal group event in Croatia. It is held every first Saturday in August. 


Skradin cake is a delicacy made of almonds, walnuts and honey.

Koprtlje are unusual archaic delicacy. Sticks of prosciutto and bacon are wrapped in lamb offal and cooked with chunks of dried meat.

Sausages from the Skradin hinterland are specific in that they are spiced with nutmeg and juice from garlic soaked in white wine.

Ćokalice are small fish which live between the upper layer of fresh water of the river Krka and the lower layer of salt sea water.

Among other peculiarities of this region, should be set aside homemade jams, brandy, walnut brandy, liqueurs made from rose petals and almonds (sugared) almonds, salted almonds and dried figs.

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Regija Krka

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