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Murter is Island situated in northern Dalmatia, in front of Pirovac and belongs to the Sibenik-Knin County. Resorts on the island are Betina, Tisno, Jezera and Murter, which is the largest and oldest settlement on the island. The island is connected to the mainland by a short bridge in Tisno.

Kornati or Kornati Islands are located in central Dalmatia, west from Sibenik. The archipelago consists of 150 islands spread over an area of 320 km2.

Islands are in 1980 declared as national park. The mainland part of the park is privately owned.

This region belongs to the predominantly rural region.

"Some historians believe that the island Murter named after a hollowed stone bed which is situated within the oil presses, and it was called - mortarium. This origin of the name refers to the long tradition of olive growing in this area."
Izvor: TZ Murter
Izvor: TZ Murter

Kornati National Park consists of 89 islands, islets and rocks. The park area is only about 1/4 of the land, while the rest of it is the marine ecosystem.

The vertical cliffs of "crown" of the Kornati islands are facing the open sea and they are the most popular phenomenon of this park.

Nacionalni Park Kornati, Izvor: TZ Murter
Kornati, Izvor: TZ Murter

On the hill above Tarca was built, apparently in VI. st., fortress Tureta, whose military crew was ensuring safe sailing through the Kornati Channel. Tureta is the only fort on Adriatic from that time which is not destroyed.

The ancient city of Colentum -  near the present village of Murter there was an ancient city whose ruins Colentum, which is now largely submerged under the sea, lying at the foot of the hill Gradina, on the north side of the bay Hramina.


Utvrda Tureta, Izvor: TZ Murter
Crkva sv. Roka, Izvor: TZ Murter

Murter wedding day is an event that is organized with presentation of the forgotten traditional wedding customs as part of the rich cultural heritage. Participants are dressed in the traditional clothes, they are making a procession headed by the bride and groom and the bride's "friend".

The traditional round is danced in the central town square, and everyone can enjoy in the traditional delicacies.

Latin Sail Regatta Murter - Latin sail from Murter that have been used for centuries is still a trademark. On the Day of St. Michael who is the patron of the parish of Murter is organized regatta of traditional boats leuta, gajeta and small boats.

Days of sea - a manifestation of cultural, entertainment and sports facilities. is held every year, from July to September. The most interesting moments are themed events "How did our old have food and party", "Evening of Chakavian poetry and folklore", "Fishermen's Festival" and "Lake gastronomic evening".

The first Sunday in July is held to bless the fields and the sea, in the church dedicated to Our Lady of the Visitation. Hundreds of ships then sail towards Tarcu. This votive procession of boats is one of the most beautiful religious events in Croatia.

Regata Latinsko idro, Izvor: TZ Murter

Murterska gajeta - Few ships have so successfully experienced and survived the time of construction of vessels from plastics such legendary Murter gajeta. Tailored to the needs of the inhabitants of the island and difficult journeys to Kornati.

Most of the island of Murter is covered by ancient olive and fig trees which are the main traditional crops grown by the locals. The most widespread varieties of olives on Murteru is "oblica". 

Izvor: TZ Murter
Gospa od tarca, Izvor: TZ Murter

Merlot is a red variety that originated in France and is widespread in many countries. In Dalmatia, this imported variety is best accustomed on Murter in the settlement Lakes, and we find it and in Vrgorac field.

Izvor: TZ Murter

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