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Neretva Region includes four municipalities and three cities, namely Metković, Opuzen, Ploče, Kula Norin, Pojezerje, Slivno, Zažablje. Cities are laid out in a valley along the Neretva, they have better transport connections and higher population density, while the municipalities on the outskirts are double less populated. This region is spatially substantially rural.

"Cities are in this region deposited in a valley along the Neretva, and municipalities which are on the outskirts are double less populated."
Regija Neretva, Izvor: TZ Dubrovnik
"Lowland swamp parts of Lower Neretva are surrounded by hilly debris and connected to the sea coast and the sea."

"Congeria kuscieri is the cave clam, which is listed as strictly protected species of the European Union."

Geographically speaking, lowland swamp parts of Lower Neretva are surrounded by hilly debris and connected to the coastline and sea. This region is rich in water, except the Neretva there are numerous lakes, smaller watercourses and wetlands.

Protected and important landscapes are:

Nature Park Delta Neretva, an important landscape are Blue Eye and the lake at Ploče, a special ornithological reserve wetland area Orepak and Prud near Metković, special ornithological reserve of Delta Neretva (Ploce-Parila).

Baćina Lakes are a collection of lakes in Bacina, near the city of Ploce on the right (north-west) side of the mouth of the river Neretva. The lakes are small, but they are very interesting because of the irregular shape. They are consisted of six connected lakes and one separated lake.

Cave in Predolcu the most important speleological site of the Neretva valley, and its greatest value is that it is habitat clam "Congeria kuscieri". That is the only shellfish that lives underground. It is a living fossil, endemic Dinarides. The only remaining representative of their group whose relatives died out five million years ago.

Jama u Predolcu, Izvor: TZ Dubrovnik
Regija Neretva, Izvor: TZ Dubrovnik

The archaeological finding and museum in Vid contain numerous exhibits which testify to the historical and cultural significance of Narona.

Pirate traditions and way of life are the most important feature of the time medieval Slavic country that is now interpreted through specific Neretva ships and related events (Boat Marathon).

Tower Norinska is Turkish fortress from the late 15th century which has a history of changing rulers, but has remained a symbol of this area.

"Marathon ships is an amateur sports competition in the race old native vessels, from Metkovic to Ploce, length of 22,500 meters."
Kula Norinska, Izvor: TZ Dubrovnik
Neretvanska polja, Izvor: TZ Dubrovnik

Marathon ships is an amateur sports competition in the boat race, traditional indigenous craft in the valley of the Neretva. It is held annually on the second Saturday in August, from Metkovic to Ploce, length of 22,500 meters.". The goal of Marathon ship is the preservation and protection of forgetting the old original Neretva ships.

Folklore Festival "Moonlight Shines Down on the Neretva" is a traditional festival of folk groups from Dalmatia and visitors from other parts of the Croatian and abroad. For the last 30 years it is held in the second half of May, organized by the Cultural and Metković. Visitors enjoy the colorful folk costumes and rich traditional customs, particularly in the procession of groups through the city accompanied by songs and music.

Neretva is place in which many tipes of citrus are cultivated (clementines, lemons, oranges, mandarins). However, Neretva in Croatia was widely known for tangerines. This Citrus fruit grows best in the Neretva valley, where are an excellent conditions for plantation cultivation of high-quality varieties of tangerines.

Maraton lađa, izvor: Teo Marinović
Maraton lađa

Neretva specialty and traditional dish is certainly stew of eels and frogs.

Vinogorje Neretva: Komarna is the youngest officially registered vineyard in Croatia. This name was given only two years ago. According to the size it is one of the smaller vineyards, but the meaning is exceptional. On an area of 82 hectares, there is a seven wineries. Vineyards is located in a very special position.

Winemakers are testing some variety for the first time on Croatian soil, so the Tempranillo, key variety in Spanish Rioja, even after the first harvest has achieved amazing results. Ancient indigenous variety is also updated so would not have gone into oblivion.

Neretvanski brodet, Izvor: visitdubrovnik
Regija Neretva

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