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This region includes the island of Brac. Brac is located in central Dalmatia in front of Split.

It is the largest island in Dalmatia and the third largest island in the Adriatic. From the Split it is partitioned by Brač channel. 

"It is believed that Brač has an ancient Illyrian name by the deer, cult animal of his prehistoric inhabitants."
Zlatni Rat, Izvor: TZ Splitsko-dalmatinska županija

Vidova Gora (778 m) is the highest peak on the island of Brač and also the highest insular mountain peak on the Adriatic. It gives a splendid view on Bol and island of Hvar. It is located on the southern part of the island, above Bol.

Kopačina Cave is the most interesting prehistoric site on the island. The cave is divided into two rooms, and is 12 meters long. In it are found the oldest traces of prehistoric man on the island (before 30,000 years ago).

Izvor: TZ Postira
Izvor: TZ Postira

Selački zaseoci- fantastic example of the preservation of the island's architecture.

Gažul is the little pastoral village of stone houses, located in the original environment Brač shepherds' dwellings on Brač plateau. In winter, the village is abandoned.

Desert Blace is Glagolitic monastery from the 16th century in the heart of the island.

Dragon or Dragonjina cave's monastery in rock from the 9th century above the village of Murvica

Sutivan - on its cemetery are hiding true and proper catacombs.

Mirje is place above Postira, on it are the remains of an early Christian Benedictine monastery.

Nerežišća are the old capital of the island of Brač with pine on the roof of the church of Sv. Petra on the main square.

Museum of the island Brač is located in the oldest settlement of the island, Škrip.

Museum of Uja - The museum of oil shows the history of olive growing on the island of Brač and the whole traditional process of gaining olive oil. It is situated in Škrip on Brač Island.

Stonemasonry school in Pučišća - one of the three schools of this type in the world.

The bell tower of the church in Ložišća - a masterpiece of sculptor Ivan Rendić.

Pustinja Blaca, Izvor: TZ Splitsko-dalmatinska županija
"The island of Brač is island of white stone."

Brač stone - quarries on Brač were since ancient times known for its stone. It was used to built many buildings, and the most famous of them are the White House in Washington, the Parliament building in Vienna and Budapest and Diocletian's Palace in Split. 

Izvor: TZ Postira

The specialty on the island of Brac is "butalac" - stuffed leg of lamb,

lamb "tingul" (stewed lamb) and many other specialties made from famous Brac lamb.

A particular specialty is "procip" which is made of young cheese cut into slices and then baked in caramelized sugar.

Islanders are drinking "smutnica", tasty beverage made from 4/5 fresh goat milk and 1/5 red wine.

Masline, Izvor: TZ Postira
Magarece mlijeko, Izvor: TZ Postira

Vitalac is a unique specialty that is made from lamb intestines that never grazed. Lamb offal are wrapped in the lung tissue and intestines.

Hrapošća cake is filled with crushed walnuts and it is traditional delicacy in Dol on the island. Every family has its own recipe which they transmitted generationally over 300 years.

Areas around Bol, Murvice and Beaches held culture of the vine, especially Plavac Mali. This variety we meet on the island of Biševo and the Pelješac peninsula.

Vitalac, Izvor: TZ Postira
Hrapošća, Izvor: TZ Postira

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