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The region includes the island of Solta and two islands Drvenik Veli and Drvenik Mali. Solta is an island in central Dalmatia, is located near Split, west of the island. On the island of Solta, near the cove Maslinica, there are seven islands. The main place on the island is Grohote.

Drvenik Veli is the island in the Split archipelago, northwest of Solta, separated from it by Solta Channel, and west of the island of Drvenik Veli, there is the island Drvenik Mali. These two islands share the Strait of Drvenik doors.

This region belongs to the predominantly rural regions in Croatia.

"The symbol of the island of Solta is" čuvita "- little owl"

The highest peak on the island, Vela Straza, is located at an altitude of 237 m, near the Upper Village. Fields of Šolta are: Upper Field, Medium field and the lower field.


In the middle of the field in Grohote there is the church of St. Michael from 14/15. c. In the church are preserved Gothic frescoes from the 14th century.

In Rogač are remains of the villa rustica.

On Nečujam is a memorial house of Marko Marulić

Maslinica - castle of Marchi family from 1706

"On island of Drvenik Mali is forbidden to drive cars and there is no paved roads"

Island Drvenik Mali abounds with olives and carob of superior quality. Extra virgin olive oil is widely known.

On the island of Solta in the olive groves are grown two varieties, Oblica and Levatinka.


On the island of Solta black wine varieties are represented with 92 percent of which is dobričić planted on 90 percent while other varieties are present only symbolically (plavac, Okatac, Ninčuša). The representation of 90 percent of the single variety (dobričić) makes vineyards of Solta completely different from the others. This variety is not only that dominates the island but it is often equated with wine of Solta.

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