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Vrgorac region is interesting and authentic jewel of the Dalmatian hinterland. Vrgorac is located at the bottom of the southeastern part of Matokita (1063 m), at the foot of the medieval fortress. Vrgorac or "City top of the mountain", is named after its elevated position. Geographically, the northeast it borders with Imotski and Neretva, in the west it is mountain Biokovo, the south connects to the Makarska coastline. Vrgorac region belongs to the Split-Dalmatia County, a traditionally belongs to the Dalmatian hinterland. This region is predominantly rural.

Panorama, Izvor: TZ Vrgorac

Vrgorac highlands is hilly and mountainous area in the hinterland of the mountain Biokovo in Dalmatia, who is a part of the Dinarides.

Matokit is southernmost ridge of Vrgorac highlands. It is a lonely and isolated hill with steep sides and is located northwest of Vrgorac. Although the hill is only long about 8 kilometers it is very steep and relatively high in relation to the surrounding hills. St. Rok is the highest peak Matokita which offers a wide view on all sides.

Vrgorac is surrounded by fields Rastok, Lake (Vrgorac field) and Bunin.

Izvor: TZ Vrgorac
Izvor: TZ Vrgorac

Fortress Gradina - fortress Gradina in Vrgorac is located on a strategic mountain position and the crossroads of the sea towards the continent. As the center it dominated throughout Vrgorac region. In the period of Ottoman rule the fortress was expanded, and in the immediate vicinity was built Avala tower which protected the access to the fortress Gradina.

Towers of Vrgorac - Even today there are numerous towers in the city. These buildings are by number and location highlighted in the village. The towers had a residential and defensive function,and they were safe accommodation to many people.

"In the town there are located seven Turkish tower known as: Avala Tower, Dizdarević tower, Cukarinovića-Cukarinović tower, Packer tower, Muminova tower, Kapetanović tower, Raos tower."
Izvor: TZ Vrgorac
Izvor: TZ Vrgorac

Strawberry Days - In May and June in Vrgoracyou can enjoy music and a pleasant atmosphere which includes tasting the berries and various products of this fruit that has become Vrgorac brand.

At the end of July in Žlibin near Vrgorac is held Ganga fest that gathers numerous Ganga bands, indigenous musicians, in order to preserve from decay and oblivion indigenous cultural heritage.

The Vrgorac Town day, and also the celebration of St. Peter and Paul is traditionally celebrated each year on June 29. The program includes traditional fair and appropriate evening program.

Bikla is a mix of young red wine and goat's milk. It has the characteristic color, healthy properties and pleasant taste. Traditionally, in Vrgorac is prepared after the end of the grape harvest.

Berba jagoda, Izvor: TZ Vrgorac
Izvor: TZ Vrgorac

Vrgorac is rich in traditional dishes, and these are some of them: koprtlje of Vrgorac, veal on frogs, toads to frogs, quail on a spit and so on.

Medna is a variety of white wine, of unknown origin, but in the Vrgorac is known variety for ages. Wines made from this variety has expressed acids, and it is characterized by a special, delicate scent.

"Bikla is a traditional drink in the Vrgorac."
Vrgoračke jagode, Izvor: TZ Vrgorac
Bikla, Izvor: TZ Vrgorac

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