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Dinara region includes Knin, Biskupija, Civljane, Ervenik, Kijevo and Kistanje. This region is led by the city of Knin, , which proudly holds the title of the Royal town, as it was once the seat of the Croatian kingdom during the King Dmitar Zvonimir. Its most famous landmark is the fortress above the town, which is the second largest preserved military fortification in Europe.

Territorially This region is situated at the foot of Dinara, and includes parts of the upper course of the river Krka up to Vrlika.

"Knin holds the title of the Royal town"
Kninska tvrđava, Izvor: TZ Knin
"Among the main natural attractions of this region is mountain Dinara with the highest peak in Croatia (1831m)."

Among the main natural attractions of this region is certainly mountain Dinara, whose highest peak is Sinjal or Dinara at 1831 m and it is the highest peak in Croatia.

Then the Krka river which flows through the town of Knin, Burumska lakes and Gospodska cave.

Gospodska cave (Milaš Cave) is a cave above the source of the Cetina River, north of Vrlika and is one of the natural attractions of the Dinara region. It is long 2480 m, and consists of several halls and channels. Upper dry floor was occasionally inhabited in prehistoric times. In lower level is underground flow of Cetina river.

Priroda, izvor: TZ Knin
Gospodska pećina, izvor: TZ Knin

Knin fortress is a medieval fortress originated in the 10th century. final look was created in the early 18th century. It is one of the largest fortification buildings in Dalmatia. It is divided into upper, middle and lower town, which are connected by movable bridges.

Roman military camp Burnum is located in the village Ivoševci. It was built in the 1st century, and today you can only see the remains of the arches that once belonged to the security center of the camp. Amphitheater is well preserved.

The fortress Glavas is a medieval fortress built in the 15th century and is located near the village of Kiev at the foot of the mountain Dinara. It was built with the aim to monitor the threat of Turkish invasion.

Rimski logor burnum, Izvor: TZ Šibenik
Amfiteatar burnum,  Izvor: TZ Šibenik

Festival of rural culture (FRK) is incentive for the development of rural tourism, the improvement of rural production and conservation of natural and cultural heritage. All individuals who are committed to the traditional culture of the village are welcome at this festival.

Folklore Festival is held every year on the occasion of Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and the day of Croatian defenders. The festival brings together folklore from Croatia and neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Vinkovo is part of the cultural heritage, it is enriched with several types of competitions, elections of finest wine growers, tasting specialties typical for this region.

Fair of traditional products and traditional crafts is held in early autumn in order to allow visitors tasting and purchase local products such as cheese, wine, honey, prosciutto...

Događanja, izvor: TZ Knin
Događanja, izvor: TZ Knin

Five most important varieties in this region are: Babic black, debit white, black Lasina, Maraština white and black Plavina. 

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