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The region Ravni kotari is composed of municipalities: Benkovac, Lišane Ostrovičke, Stankovci, Polača, Škabrnja and Obrovac.

Ravni kotari are lowland, coastal and relatively fertile area bounded to the north with Novigrad sea and Bukovica, and from the south of Zadar and the Adriatic Sea coastline. Hinterland of Ravni kotari represents a predominantly rural area, which has a significant agricultural production, especially in fruit growing and gardening.

"Region Ravni Kotari is coastal rural part of northern Dalmatia, and it is the most fertile part of the Dalmatian coast." 
Izvor: TZ Obrovac
Izvor: TZ Obrovac

Ravni Kotari are characterized by a high level of conservation of nature and numerous protected areas. The highest value area is Vrana Lake with his most valuable part - special ornithological reserve which is included in the list of important ornithological areas in Europe.

In addition to Lake Vrana on the area of Ravni Kotari are protected or are in the process of protecting the valley of the river Karišnica and valley Kličevica and the green oak.

In the area of Bukovica is the only area of the upper river canyon, from Obrovac protected nature park and under the administration of the nature park Velebit.

Obrovac area is adorned by river Zrmanja.

Izvor: TZ Benkovac

One of the most important archaeological sites in the area of Ravni Kotar is Asseria. Asseria is located near the village of Podgrađe near Benkovac and has been inhabited since the Iron Age, and in the pre-Roman times was an important center.

Late antique tower "Osridak" (4th century) - The only known ancient fortress circular inner section on the eastern side of the Adriatic. The fort is strategically very well placed to control access canyon.

Venetian tower "Osridak" (15th century) was built as the last line of defense against Turkish incursions in the area of Vrana Lake and the Adriatic coast.

Maškovića Han (17th century) (the inn, rest area, residence) - westernmost monument civil Turkish architecture in Europe. Sumptuous and monumental building started to be built during the outbreak of the Candian war and it was never completed. It is maintained about 50% of its original appearance.

The old town of Vrana - Benedictine monastery (9th-16th century) is preserved in about 20% of the original appearance.

Izvor: TZ Benkovac
Izvor: TZ Obrovac
"Janković Tower is an extraordinary and rare example of a combination of housing and fortification objects on the former border of the Ottoman Empire."

Heritage Museum Benkovac in Ravni Kotari containes numerous and valuable archaeological, ethnological, cultural and historical material from the wider Benkovac area.

The royal fortress of Croatian family Kurjaković is located in Obrovac.

In Islam Greece is Tower Stojan Janković.

Archeological site Smilčić - City Smilčić is located about twenty kilometers east of Zadar, near the town of Benkovac. The place is known for its large and rich prehistoric archaeological site, one of the largest in the north of Dalmatia.

Izvor: TZ Benkovac

Livestock Fair in Benkovac is the most important event which attracts a large number of participants and visitors from almost all over the country.

International gallop races are one of important sport events that are held in Polača since 1997 with a large number of participants from across the region.

The handicrafts are still preserved through wood carvings (Bukara, chairs) and making musical instruments (flute, diple) and woolen products, while making sandals is only demonstratively displayed at folklore festivals.

One of the most recognizable products of Ravni Kotari are also dried figs, which are traditionally dried in the sun. 
Izvor: TZ Benkovac
Izvor: TZ Benkovac

Vinfest Benkovac is a wine festival of northern and central Dalmatia which is traditionally held in Benkovac, and "Bukara" is gastronomy promotion of Bukovica and Ravni Kotar.

Bukara, Izvor: TZ Benkovac

Vinfest Benkovac is a wine festival of northern and central Dalmatia which is traditionally held in Benkovac, and "Bukara" is gastronomy promotion of Bukovica and Ravni Kotar.

Izvor: TZ Benkovac
Prisnac, Izvor: TZ Benkovac

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