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This region consists of Kaprije, Krapanj, Prvić, Žirje and Zlarin.

Island Krapanj is the lowest island in the Adriatic and the smallest inhabited island (an area of 0.36 km2), Zlarin is one of the few islands that still does not allow access to a car, Žirje is the most distant island in the Sibenik archipelago, Kaprije is rich with hills and fertile soil.

This region belongs to the predominantly rural regions in Croatia.

"Zirje Island was once covered by dense oak forests, so it is assumed to be named after the fruit of the tree - acorn ("Zir" in Croatian)."
Krapanj panorama, Izvor: TZ Krapanj
Žirje, Izvor: TZ Šibenik

The island of Žirje is very indented, with numerous bays and around it are many small islands and reefs. Prvić island is a natural extension of the island Zlarin, and Kaprije island is rich in hills between which are small valley with fertile land.

Kaprije, Izvor: TZ Šibenik
Zlarin,  Izvor: TZ Šibenik

On the island of Krapanj is the monastery of St. Cross and church. The monastery keeps exhibits such as "The Last Supper" (16th century) and "Black Madonna on the Throne" (Renaissance), the Bible from 1474, and 23 incunabula.

It features a smaller museum that contains a collection of sponges, corals, amphorae and ancient pottery.


Very important event for Zlarin is "Farewell to coral hunter" which appear ancestral traditions with interesting additional services.

On the island of Prvić are held famous folk festivals on August 2.

Krapanj is known as the island of sponges for traditional harvesting and processing sponges. Its inhabitants are engaged in this since the 18th century.

The waters surrounding the island of Žirje is known for its historic hunting coral.

Among the better-known coral divers are inhabitants of Zlarin. The first written evidence of the hunt for coral on the Adriatic coast date back to the 13th Century and it is in the area of the island of Zlarin.

On the island Prvic the population is mainly engaged in the cultivation of olive trees, grape vines and fishing.

"Island Zlarin cherishes the tradition of of hunting and processing of precious red coral (coralium rubrum)."
"Island Krapanj is the island with centuries of tradition in diving, sponge harvesting and fisheries."
KUD Spužvar na Krapnju

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