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Zadar-Biograd small islands region includes the following municipalities: Vrgada, Molat, Ist, Silba, Olib, Pučinski and smaller islands to the border with Kornati.

Vrgada belongs to the coastal part of the Zadar archipelago and it is located in the southeast. Throughout history it represented a supervisory point of the Adriatic times, and proof of this is the fortress whose remains can still be seen.

Island Molat is fifth largest inhabited island of the archipelago. It was first mentioned in the 7th century and was named after the Latin word mellitus, which means sugary. He has long been known for its production of honey.

Ist is an island whose size is only 9.73 km 2, and it is surrounded numerous islets and rocks. The island has only about 200 permanent residents.

Silba is also called the "door of Dalmatia." Silba was named after the Roman name of the forest - Silva, being the second most forested island in Croatia. 

"Vrgada throughout history was representing a supervisory point of the Adriatic"

"Molat is named after honey because the locals always been known for its production of honey"

"Silba is known as the Gate of Dalmatia"
Izvor: TZ Silba

Ist is an island known for its rich waters of fish that attracts anglers, has a wonderful underwater world which is recognized by many divers.

Varh is with 83 meters the highest point on the island of Silba. It is located in the north of the island, and it gives a beautiful view of the neighboring islands.

Izvor: TZ Silba
Izvor: TZ Silba

The fortress Gradina is located on the island Vrgada. It dates from the late Roman period, but today there are only remains of fortification built in the 6th century.

Church of St. Andrew is very valuable cultural heritage of the island Vrgada. The church dates back to the early Middle Ages (9th century), and was created as part of the fortress Gradina.

Baroque mansion Damiani dates back to the 17th century and is a representative monument from his period. It is located on the island Vrgadi.

Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located on the island of Molat. Locals have set the church clock in 1937, and the plate with the inscription: "God to glory, to the benefit of the village, for example to young people, this hour in memory of liberation from serfdom, 17.11.1937".

"The island Molat is abolished serfdom only 11/17/1937"
Izvor: TZ Silba
Izvor: TZ Silba
"Toreta tower is located in the center of the village and is one of the most mentioned landmarks of Silba. According to legend, it was built by Captain Peter in memory of downed love."

Toreta is most often mentioned attraction of Silba. It is a hexagonal tower with external spiral staircase located in the center of the village. Toretto is, according to legend, in the 19th century raised by the captain Petar Marinić as a memory of the downed love.

From the 16th to the 19th century on Silba was existing the institution of king who was chosen by locals on the feast of St. Sjepan. The king's authority lasted 12 days and during that time he wore a brass crown and shared justice. In memory of that time brass crown is now kept in the treasury of the parish church.

Tower Kaštel on the island of Olib was built in the 16th century with the aim to defend the island against pirates.

Church of Our Lady of Health is situated on a hill Straža, on the island of Ist. It was built around 1800. On the hill is a beautiful view of all the North Adriatic islands from Učka to Kornati.

Toreta, Izvor: TZ Silba
Izvor: TZ Silba

"Vrgadinska užonce" or customs of Vrgada is a big festival which is organized on the occasion of St. Anthony and Joachim, and in order to prevent forgetting the original customs of the island.

One of the symbols of Vrgade is dried fish by air, which is one of the simplest ways of preserving fish. So "Hljandrovina" of Vrgada also represents the specialty and souvenir of the island.

Traditional fishing methods that were invented by the locals is Ludar. Ludar is a fishing method in which several fishermen are playing with ropes and nets, and their goal is to scare the fish and thus get a larger amount of catch.

Osti, Izvor: TZ Silba
Mreža, Izvor: TZ Silba

"Hljandrovina" of Vrgada is indigenous specialty of the region, then cheese and olive oil from Olib.

Olib cheese is a full-fat hard cheese, weighs about 2 kg.

Workpiece pottery in the traditional way marks the island of Iž, they create all with manual pottery wheel. Typical products of Iž ceramics are Lopiži - pot for household in which you can prepare special delicious seafood and other culinary specialties.

Silba is known for producing wines under the name De Georgiis of black varieties Syrah and Merlot and white Chardonnay and Pošip.


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